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To encourage creativity no prescriptive definition of “landscape” has been specified for the Laurie Thomas Landscape competition.

Wikipedia’s definition of “landscape” suggests the prevalent content of landscape images the:

“Landscape photography shows spaces within the world, sometimes vast and unending, but other times microscopic. Landscape photographs typically capture the presence of nature but can also focus on man-made features or disturbances of landscapes.”

Prescribing the nature of what might constitute a natural or man-made “landscape” would restrict photographers’ freedom of artistic expression. While we would not expect significant alterations to the physical facts we do wish to encourage entrants to present their own interpretation of their chosen subject matter.


Three judges to select Laurie Thomas landscapes in 2019

Entries in the Laurie Thomas New Zealand Landscape Salon will be assessed in South Island in 2019

Ian Walls FPSNZ, Scott Fowler EFIAP, GPSA,FPSNZ,PPSA and Andris Apse

Ian Walls - When PSNZ reinvigorated its judge training program Ian was one of the first to complete the Accredited Judge qualification. He now regularly judges at club, regional and national level and is a member of the Judge Accreditation Panel.

“It has been a challenge for me to understand why I am drawn to photograph the things that I do, and to recognise what this says about me?  By nature, I am an optimist, I see the positive side of things first. Photography is all about seeing things that others may not see. Consequently, my viewpoint will be a positive one.  I make pictures that I enjoy. For me photography provides a means and a motive to become a better observer of the good, the beautiful and the interesting.

As a judge I strive to recognise the personal vision that the individual photographer brings to the work. I believe that that vision is critical while design and technical considerations are secondary.”

 Scott Fowler EFIAP, FPSNZ, GPSA, PPSA   "I have had a passion for photography for a long time and now run a successful photography workshop business. I am an accredited judge for PSNZ, Online instructor for PSA and have been one of the selectors with Natex and the PSNZ camera book. I have judged many Southern regional competitions and this year I was honoured to be one of the judges in Australia judging the Maitland International Salon. I compete on a regular basis internationally and have many awards to my name."

Andris Apse  Full time landscape photographer since 1983, Member New Zealand Order of Merit, Honorary Fellow of the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers, Fellow and Honorary Fellow of the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photographers, Life member of the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photographers.  Andris has produced 9 books of the New Zealand landscape. He lives in Okarito with his partner Lynne."

Judges will view the the images will be viewed in a colour managed environment

The Laurie Thomas Salon is assessed alternately in the North and South Island. It is exclusively for photographs of the New Zealand landscape.

Results will be emailed out prior to finals night by pdf. All entrants receive a full colour catalogue on or after finals nights. An AV of results will be presented, along with trophy and medals, by Christchurch Photographic Society at Riccarton Community Church, 44 Elizabeth Street, Riccarton Christchurch 8041 clubrooms on 10 July 8pm.

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