Competition Rules for 2019

General Rules of the Salon

1.      There is only one section in Laurie Thomas NZ Landscape Salon: Digitally Projected Images.

2.      A Champion Trophy will be awarded to the top image.

3.      You may enter between 1 and 4 digital images. No slides will be accepted.

4.      Only New Zealand landscapes are eligible. This year's Selection Panel will particularly look for images that generally depict the New Zealand landscape.

5.      Any images not taken in New Zealand will automatically be disqualified.

6.      No image that has previously been successful (e.g. Accepted) maybe re-entered.  No cropped portion of any image that has been previously accepted in the Laurie Thomas Salon may be re-entered.

Image Manipulation

7.      No image may be manipulated during processing in any way that materially alters the facts of the landscape at the time of exposure.

8.      Minor enhancements such as correcting exposure or colour balance, adjusting contrast and sharpening of the image are acceptable. All other manipulation is prohibited under Rule 7.

Format for Digital Entries

9.      Digital entries must be JPEG image files only, sized no more 1620 x 1080.  Digital entries submitted in any other file format or larger size will not be accepted.   Maximum of 35 characters in title and must not include author's name. No title, logo or identification of the author shall be written anywhere on the face of an image.

10.  Digital images should be provided in the sRGB colour space.

11.  Digital entries must be submitted online

All Entries

12.  Christchurch Photographic Society will be entitled without payment of any fee to the exhibitor to copy any image for:

a.       Archives or recorded lectures of the Society and/or the Photographic Society of New Zealand (PSNZ) or for a (screen resolution) DVD of successful entries.

b.      Reproduction in any Laurie Thomas NZ Landscape exhibition or catalogue.

c.       Reproduction in newspapers, magazines or elsewhere in promoting the Laurie Thomas NZ Landscape Salon.

13.  Any dispute concerning these rules may be referred in writing to the Christchurch Photographic Society whose decision will be final and binding.

14.  Submission of entries implies acceptance of the above rules and conditions.

A good definition of  of a landscape from Wikipedia;

"Landscape photography is done for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the most common is to recall a personal observation or experience while in the outdoors, especially when traveling. Others pursue it particularly as an outdoor lifestyle, to be involved with nature and the elements, some as an escape from the artificial world.
"Many landscape photographs show little or no human activity and are created in the pursuit of a pure, unsullied depiction of nature, devoid of human influence—instead featuring subjects such as strongly defined land forms, weather, and ambient light. As with most forms of art, the definition of a landscape photograph is broad, and may include rural or urban settings, industrial areas, and nature photography.”


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