Brian Eastwood


Based in London, England I have been interested in photography for as long as I can remember. Over the last 50 year I have been lucky enough to work in the photographic industry around the World.

Like a lot of people from my generation, I was mesmerised, watching a piece of paper, placed into a liquid and slowly turn into an image.

In the days of film I enjoyed the darkroom and explored different chemical formulas to see what could be done, sometimes successfully, but sometimes there were spectacular flops. This fascination with experimentation lead me, in the late 1980’s, to explore the chemical less processing system. This eventually became known as Digital Photography.

Arriving in New Zealand in 1973, I worked as a photographer at Green Lane Hospital and Auckland City Art Gallery. Subsequently I worked as a consultant for Agfa Gevaert before setting up my own commercial digital photography studio in 1996.

I am a retired member of the NZIPP (New Zealand Professional Photographers Association) where I obtained the distinction of Master of Photography.

I am a member of the PSNZ where I’m an Accredited Judge.


Over the years I have enjoyed some success in International and National Salons.

2019 – Bronze Medal NATEX

             2x Honourable Mention 12th Annual International Color Awards

            Honours Laurie Thomas Landscape Salon

            Honours & Highly Commended North Shore Salon 

2018 – Gold Medal and Eric Young Trophy for Best Projected Landscape

            Bronze Medal  North Shore Salon 

            Gold and Bronze Medal Laurie Thomas Landscape Salon

            Honourable Mention 11th Annual International Color Awards

2017 – 2x Bronze Medal  Epson International Pano Awards.

2015 – Gold Medal and Robinson Cup in the Open Digital category.

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